Retailer Rewards Programs

Going shopping or need to buy gift cards? Use to support SJJ PTU.   Participating retailers can be found by clicking the button below.  You’ll see the percent return the PTU will receive from your purchase!  E-gift cards can be immediately used and Amazon gift cards can be used with Amazon Smile.

Download the RaiseRight mobile app or go to and enroll today.
SJJ’s enrollment code to join is CD74C45C68114.

View a Full List of Brands that Give Back!

Question: How do I enroll in the eGift card program?

Answer: Download the RaiseRight app or go to and enroll.  Our enrollment code is CD74C45C68114.

Question: What are eGift cards?

Answer: eGift cards are delivered directly to the Raise Right app or your ShopWithScrip account.  They will show up in your wallet.  View the eGift cards for instructions on how to redeem.

Question: How quickly do I get eGift cards when I order them?

Answer:  Most eGift cards are delivered to your Raise Right app or your ShopWithScrip account within minutes.

Question: When I buy an eGift card, can I give them as gifts to family, friends, teachers, coaches, etc.

Answer:  Yes!  Go on your computer and login to your ShopWithScrip account at  It is the same login information as the Raise Right app.  Go to dashboard, my wallet and print the eGift card as a PDF or to your printer.  Then you can either email or physically give them as gifts.

Question: Can I buy physical gift cards?  

Answer: We are currently not maintaining any physical gift cards in inventory.  The only way you can buy a physical gift card, is if you go to purchase a physical card on the Raise Right app and elect the home delivery option.  If you select home delivery option, there is an additional fee. See link for more details.  Only certain brands offer home delivery options.

Question: When I redeem the gift cards, what happens?

Answer: You can track the balance of your eGift cards on the Raise Right app or at  And when you have used them, you can archive or hide them, so you know there is no remaining balance.   You can also archive and hide them when you have given them as gifts.

Question: How is the school currently benefiting from my eGift card purchases?

Answer: The funds raised by the PTU provide the school, teachers, and students with technology, such active panels, and software programs, such as BrainPop.  As fundraising events are unable to happen this school year (like the Craft Fair and Santa Shop), programs like this gives the PTU funds to provide our teachers and students with more supplies and tools for success!

Question: How much can the PTU raise under the eGift card program?

Answer: The sky is the limit and the program is ongoing!  The more program participation we get from the SJJ community, the more funds we can raise.  If eGift cards are used on your daily purchases, the opportunities are endless.   Some brands give greater than 6% back to the PTU!

Question: If I have questions about the program, who should I ask?

Answer: Katy Ridel and Sarah Kohut are the eGift card chairs.  Reach out to them with any questions you have.


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