Academic Programs

Sts. Joseph and John School is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. SJJ is one of only forty-two private elementary schools in the country that year to receive this prestigious award. This award was presented by the U.S. Department of Education to recognize schools that are academically superior and that serve as models for other schools throughout the nation.

We take pride in having an academically excellent curriculum. SJJ students consistently score in the top percentiles on the Iowa Basic Skill Tests, which are standardized achievement assessments. Our students are also routinely recognized for their academic achievements in other areas, for example, our academic teams have been awarded the St. Edward’s High School Academic Grand Championship more than any other school. Moreover, our students are routinely awarded Academic Scholarships and Merit Scholarships to area Catholic high schools each year.


Science Spanish
Math Art
Language Arts Music
Social Studies Computer Skills
Reading Physical Education
Handwriting Religion
Health Service

Our curriculum not only provides our students with a solid understanding of the basics, our students also receive instruction in Spanish, art, physical education, music, and computer education from specialized teachers.

At SJJ, the teachers work to find a way for every child to be successful through our curriculum. We offer Accelerated Learning programs, including: math, reading, and high school level Algebra. Moreover, we offer enhanced services for students, such as, remedial classes; speech and language therapy; and learning disabilities programs.

Accelerated Programs & Enhanced Services

Accelerated Reading Learning Disabilities Program
Speech & Language Pathologist School Psychologist
Reading & Phonics Remedial Classes