Megan // SJJ Class of 2016

My educational experience at Sts. Joseph and John allowed me to think critically, creatively, and faithfully through a perspective that allowed me to grow holistically as a student and individual. The inspiration and dedication of my teachers at Sts. Joseph and John have helped me achieve my goals and have influenced me to pursue a career in education so that I can help students to be the best versions of themselves, just as my teachers have done throughout my own academic journey.

Jenna // SJJ Class of 2019

I have many fond memories of my 9 years at Sts. Joseph & John School. I especially enjoyed participating in the Power of the Pen Competition and the writing skills I learned helped to prepare me for the Honors English classes I am taking now in high school. Being involved with the Science Olympiad competitions was another favorite of mine and probably the reason why I want to pursue a science major in college. I also enjoyed playing an instrument in the school band and playing sports on the volleyball team. The fantastic teachers and the friends and classmates made SJJ a special place.

Nathan // SJJ Class of 2020

Every time that I’ve gone back to church since graduation from SJJ, it is weird that I am not still going to school there. It felt like home to me for all of my 11 school years there. I have many lifelong memories that I will forever have from there. I learned lots of things that I still use today and that knowledge helped me enter into 4 honors classes as a freshman in High School. I attribute that success to my time at SJJ. The friendships I made there have stood the test of 1 semester of High School and I’m very grateful for that opportunity. My time there also brought me closer to God through the amazing Theology teachers. For that, I am happy to have spent 11 school years at SJJ.

Samantha // SJJ Class of 2020

SJJ is like family. I was blessed to spend 9 years with my classmates who support me and grew up along side me. Together we learned more than what’s provided in the curriculum: we were taught about leadership, how to stand up for each other, and the importance of our individuality. The teachers and staff make it very obvious that they care about more than just our grades; they care about us as human beings and will go the extra mile for us. I’ve carried my skills and relationships with me into high school, and I truly believe I would not be the same person I am today without attending SJJ.

Mr. Beck // Teacher

When I began my teaching career at Saints Joseph and John School in 1983, Ronald Reagan was President, Pope John Paul II was Pope and Bishop Pilla was Bishop of the Cleveland Diocese. Now seven presidents, three popes and four bishops later, I am still enjoying my time here at SJJ. I started as a third grade teacher and worked my way up to grade eight. I am now having children of students that I have had in the past and it brings me great joy to be a part of that transformation. Nearly two-thirds of my life has been spent educating the children of SJJ and it has been both a pleasure and honor in serving this institution. My memories are fond and numerous, and I am looking forward to finishing my educational career at SJJ. I am truly blessed to be a part of the SJJ family for nearly four decades. God bless all of the students, families, teachers and administrative people who have made this ride at SJJ an incredible one. GO VIKINGS!

Mrs. Estephan // Teacher

Catholic education is a blessing to our students, families, and to our staff! I chose the privilege of being able to include the Catholic faith into my daily lessons because it is not only my job, but my vocation in life. I am so proud to say that not only do I work at SJJ, but that my own children attend as well!

Sophia // SJJ Class of 2023

SJJ is an amazing school and community because of all of the kindness I experience every day. SJJ offers lots of different after school programs and CYO sports as well, this makes school fun and helps you to get involved with the school community. SJJ gives me the opportunity to learn new and interesting things every day and helps me to grow and know the importance of being kind to one another and this is influenced by all of the great teachers and students. SJJ helps me to strengthen my faith and have the ability to go to Mass every week as well. SJJ has always helped me to grow every day.

Maxwell // SJJ Class of 2022

There are a lot of things that I like about SJJ. The entire SJJ community is like a family with all of the house meetings and fun activities. All the teachers are very creative and helped us through Covid. Even with Church we get to live stream it through our classroom. All the sports teams are close too, especially the cross country team which I participate in. Overall SJJ is an amazing school and I’ve had a great time going here.

Sarah // SJJ Class of 2021

Sts. Joseph and John School has given me the opportunity to advance my knowledge not just in my education but also in my spiritual life.  The teachers’ dedication and commitment has provided a strong understanding in all aspects of education and in my Catholic faith.   In my time at Sts. Joseph and John, I have built friendships that have made my experience at SJJ more enjoyable and memorable.

The Wilder Family

Sts. Joseph and John is more than just a school. To us, SJJ is a community. Our children are building strong friendships and developing lifelong skills that are not just based on their studies. These are skills that provide the foundation of the well-rounded young men we hope and pray they would become.

The Reagan Family

Thank you, Sts. Joseph and John, for a great school experience for our family. My kids love school, the teachers are passionate about what they do, and the families are a close knit, supportive community. SJJ focuses on the spiritual, educational, and personal growth of each student. There is no place we would rather be.

The Arms Family

Sts. Joseph and John School has been a wonderful academic and faith-filled experience for our two children. We chose this school for so many reasons, but what stands out most is the sense of community we have felt since day one. The dedication of the teachers and staff is seen daily, and this positive involvement has helped our children grow both academically and socially. As parents, it’s amazing to hear how much our children love their school!

The Panteck Family

SJJ is a wonderful school! My kids truly enjoy the school, teachers, and staff. It is a great learning environment and has excellent resources.