Admissions Policies

Sts. Joseph and John School is a Catholic school serving the St. Joseph and St. John Neumann Parishes, surrounding parishes, and those from several neighboring communities.  Sts. Joseph and John School is an integral part of St. Joseph and St. John Neumann parishes and, therefore, admission requests will be considered according to the following priorities:

Registered Parishioners.  A registered parishioner is one who attends and contributes to St. Joseph or St. John Neumann Parishes.  Parishioners are encouraged to attend Mass and contribute to the Parish via Offertory Collections.

Catholic non-parishioners.  A Catholic non-parishioner is one who attends and contributes to a neighboring Catholic parish without a school.

Non-Catholics.  Non-Catholic students may be admitted, after an interview, if space is available.  Parents of non-Catholic students must interview with the principal.  Non-Catholics are required to pay the non-parishioner student tuition amount.  The non-parishioner tuition rate is set taking into account that non-parishioners do not contribute to the Parishes which subsidize the student tuition costs.

Transfer Student Admission Policies

It is our policy to interview all parents and students seeking admission. Transfer students will only be accepted after the school has completed careful evaluation and assessment of the child’s previous school experiences.  No student will officially be admitted until all school records have been received and evaluated by the school office.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Sts. Joseph and John School admits students of any race, color, and nationality or ethnic origin.  All students are accorded the rights, privileges, and activities generally made available to students of Sts. Joseph & John School.