Spanish Program

¡Hola!  ¡Bienvenidos!  SJJ is proud to offer a foreign language program.  Students at SJJ learn Spanish beginning in 1st grade and continue learning Spanish through 8th grade.  First grade students begin with learning colors, numbers, counting, days of the week, and the names of objects and people in Spanish.  As students progress in Spanish, they are familiarized with more nouns and verbs, learn how to say whole sentences, and are introduced to basic conversation in Spanish. 6th-8th grade attend Spanish class 2 times a week.

The goals of our Spanish program are to: 1) introduce foreign language as a concept; 2) learn foundational words and phrases in Spanish; 3) build Spanish vocabulary; 4) develop student confidence in learning a foreign language; 5) and learn basic conversation skills in Spanish.  Learning a foreign language is challenging.  The goal of our program is to introduce students to Spanish and make learning Spanish fun and stress-free.

Physical Education

At Sts. Joseph & John School, students participate in a weekly Physical Education class with a Catholic-based focus on the development and growth of fundamental motor skills, physical fitness concepts, and sportsmanship principles.  Students experience a safe, non-threatening learning environment that fosters a variety of activities that includes team sports, aerobic endurance, and recreational games that will help lead to an active, life-long involvement in a health enhancing lifestyle.  Students explore the principles of competition while remaining focused on nurturing sportsmanship skills through developing teamwork, cooperation, and communication with their peers.  Participation in Physical Education class at SJJ helps students maximize their learning potential and provides opportunities for physical, social, and emotional development.

Art Program

All students at SJJ get Art History and Art Instruction from a specialized, degreed Visual Art Teacher.  Our students learn Art History and Art Instruction in a dedicated Art classroom with special art tables and equipment.  All students receive weekly Art education.  Our students compete in Art Competitions and have won numerous awards for their artwork.

Music Programs

Sts. Joseph and John School has an excellent music program, instrumental music program, school band, vocal choir, liturgical music program, and bell choir.

SJJ offers weekly music classes for all students in grades K – 8.  In the classroom, students learn and appreciate historical, cultural, and religious music in societies past and present as well as societies here and around the world.  Students engage in learning about, creating, and performing music in many different ways.

Students analyze and respond to music throughout history and in different cultures.  Students learn the value of music, differences in musical taste, and learn to integrate intellect and emotion in response to the arts.  Students also learn to connect music to other academic subjects and relevant careers.   The following grades present a musical together every year:

  • Kindergarden and Grade 1
  • Grade 2 and 3
  • Grades 4, 5 and 6
  • The 7th and 8th graders put on a talent show every year

Tara Webb is the head of the music program at SJJ.  She may be contacted at

Instrumental Music Lessons

SJJ offers Instrumental Music lessons.  Lessons are offered before, during, and after school.  Students are responsible for making up class work missed during school day lessons.

Concert/Symphonic Band

SJJ offers both Beginner Band and Concert/Symphonic Band.  Band sign-ups are announced at school and band practices are after school in McGraw Hall.

Liturgical Music Programs

SJJ also offers excellent liturgical music programs for students in grades 4-8, including: vocal choir, cantors, and bell choir.  Practices are after school in St. Joseph Church.  Sign-ups are announced at school.  The Liturgical Music Director is Luke Massery.  He can be contacted at or (440) 238-5555 ex. 12.

Vocal Choir

Sts. Joseph & John has a fantastic vocal Choir group.  Students practice at St. Joseph Parish and sing at our all-school Masses.  Our vocal Choir group is led by Director Luke Massery.  He can be contacted at or (440) 238-5555 ex. 12.

Bell Choir

SJJ is pleased to have four bell choirs.  We currently have beginner bell choirs and an advanced bell choir.  The Bell Choirs are directed by Mrs. Yates and Mrs. Ginter.  If you are interested in joining one of our Bell Choirs, you can contact Mrs. Yates at