PTU’s Goals

Meet • Connect • Build

Meet parents, teachers, staff and administration, make friends and connections and build a better school together.

The PTU’s mission is to provide service, support, and appreciation to our faith-filled school community, teachers, students, and parents; to strengthen relationships between school families, students, and teachers through social events; and to enhance and improve our children’s education through fundraising efforts.

YOU are the PTU!  The Sts. Joseph and John Parent Teacher Union is comprised of teachers and parents of students of all grades. There is no fee to join. All teachers and families enrolled at SJJ are automatically a part of the PTU. We work together to provide service to our faith-filled community while strengthening relationships between school families, students, and teachers through social and fundraising events.

Your involvement in the PTU will not only strengthen your family’s relationship with the school it will also help to improve our children’s educational experience by enhancing it with activities sponsored by the PTU.  By holding social functions for both kids and parents, we strive to emphasize the fun while building and strengthening relations within families and between families.

Our service “projects” are grouped into 3 categories: 

Students, Parents, and Teacher/School

The PTU also fundraises through the year with the goal of improving our children’s experience in whatever way possible. In addition to supporting our social functions, our funds go toward major school improvements (iPads, smart boards, stage extenders, furniture in the art classroom, laptops, and basketball hoops) and minor purchases (art supplies, and playground balls).

We invite you to become involved with your children’s school, to meet new friends and to be a part of your child’s education community by attending a PTU meeting.

Email to get involved!