Dear Parents,

National Junior Honor Society

Congratulations to our 7th and 8th graders that were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. We had a total of 32 new students that were inducted and an additional 18 that are already members. Great job students and keep up the great work.

Knights of Columbus Family of the Year

Congratulations to the Reagan Family who have been selected as the 2020-2021 Knights of Columbus Family of The Year!  The Reagans are very active in the Catholic Community and continue to do great work for others.

Spreading Christmas Joy

Mr. Beck’s 1st period religion class is spreading Christmas Joy to Ryan B., Jr., the seven year old son of former SJJ alumnus Ryan B. (Class of 1990) who passed away a few years ago from ALS. The class wrote Christmas messages to young Ryan in Christmas cards which are being sent daily to him. Each card contains happy wishes and a dollar. This is the fourth year that Ryan has received his daily holiday cards (Last year due to Covid, Ryan received Valentine’s Day cards instead). Ryan’s mother says Ryan asks every day if a card is in the mailbox. The other religion classes made Happy Veteran’s Day cards for our deserving Veterans in November.

Father Kevin Visits Junior High

Father Kevin has visited the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade twice this year. In October, Father Kevin answered questions the students had prepared in an earlier religion class period. In December, Father Kevin answered questions the students had prepared based on Bible readings.  Father Kevin is planning on visiting each class during the third and fourth quarters too. The visitations have been very informative and enjoyable for the students.

SJJ Staff Holiday Gift Drop Off

PTU Board members will be available at the office entrance on Thursday, December 16 from 6-7pm to collect any teacher, faculty and staff gifts that you would like to drop off.  They will be delivered to teachers/staff Friday morning.

December PTU Restaurant Night

Marcos pizza will donate 15% of in person and call in orders when you mention SJJ PTU and 20% of online orders when you click on the fundraising button and select SJJ PTU all day from 11am-11pm on Thursday, December 16th!  Order your pizza online and pickup after you swing by the SJJ Staff Holiday Gift Drop Off!


Christmas Spirit Week

Get ready to show your Christmas Spirit and participate in our Christmas Spirit Week! See the flyer below for more information.

Early Dismissal

Just a reminder on Friday, December 17, we have an early dismissal at 11:45am. There is NO AFTERCARE or lunch. Also, the afternoon Brunswick bus will not be picking up. Please arrange for a ride home for your child.

We return back from Christmas break on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

Week of December 13 – 17, 2021

BLUE Week for grades 6-8

Monday – 13

  • Band 2-2:45pm

    • Door D pick up

Tuesday – 14

  • Power of the Pen 2-2:45pm

    • Door O pick up

  • Geography Club 2-3pm

    • Door D pick up

Wednesday – 15

  • Eager Artist 2 – 3pm

    • Door D pick up

Thursday – 16

  • 1st grade Nativity 8:30am (Please meet at church)

Friday – 17

  • Early Dismissal 11:45am

    • No lunch/No aftercare/No Brunswick bus

Saturday – 18

  • St. John Neumann Mass – 4pm

  • St. Joseph Mass – 4:30pm

 Sunday – 19

  • St. John Neumann Mass – 8:30am, 10am and 11:30am

    • Life Teen Mass 5pm

  • St. Joseph Mass – 8am, 10am and 12pm

COVID Update –

  • Positive COVID Cases current – 1
  • Quarantine current – 2
  • 21-22 Total Positive COVID Cases – 47
  • 21-22 Total Quarantine Cases – 92

Enjoy your weekend!

In service of youth,

Mr. Akosi