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We, the Sts. Joseph and John Booster Club, believe that the athletic programs sponsored by the Booster Club significantly influence the development of Christian values in all participants. These programs are a vital part of parish life for our youth, and are structured to support and promote the overall objectivesof the parishes. In addition to providing the development of athletic skill, our programs foster social interaction, self esteem and Christian attitudes. The youth of our parishes, not the athletic activity, is our key focus. By learning to set personal and team goals, and working to achieve these goals, our youth will learn that success is not measured by the final score, but by the efforts of individuals working together. Athletics also provide the opportunity to experience the rewards and frustrations of competition. Note: The guidelines documented in this handbook were developed by the Sts. Joseph and John Booster Club Board. The guidelines and rules are to be followed by all coaches, parents, and athletes. The Booster Club Board reserves the right to modify the guidelines as necessary to enhance the athletic program. ***Any reference to parent also applies to the child’s legal guardian.


A coach exerts considerable influence over their athletes by the very nature of their position. A coach’s success is measured by the development of the players not by the won/loss record. All coaches must be trained in coaching youth sports. Coaches are expected to maintain a professional relationship with administration, faculty, and officials. A successful coach will keep all players interested in the sport no matter what the individual skill levels. All coaches report to the athletic director. Listed below are the requirements for coaching:

  • Head coaches must be at least twenty-five years of age and assistant coaches must be at least eighteen years old.
  • All coaches must submit an application annually to the athletic director prior to coaching.
  • All coaches must be Virtues trained.
  • All coaches must be fingerprinted and background checked.
  • All coaches must be CYO certified.
  • Coaches are expected to understand the fundamentals of the sport they coach as well as abide by the rules.
  • Coaches must exhibit the highest level of conduct both on and off the playing surface.
  • Head coaches are responsible for the conduct and sportsmanship of assistant coaches, athletes, and spectators during practices, competitions, and in public when representing the parishes.
  • Head coaches are responsible for the organization and administration of the team under their supervision.
  • Head coaches are to review the preparticipation (physical) forms for completeness prior to allowing an athlete to participate in practice.
  • Coaches are responsible to wait and see that every athlete goes home before leaving the facility. Coaches also must be the first to arrive at the practice facility.
  • Coaches must hold a meeting with parents of the players on his/her team to explain the objectives and expectations for the team.
  • Coaches must have the preparticipation form (physical with medical release and liability waiver) for each player with them for each practice and game.
  • Persons who have not been officially approved by the athletic director and Board cannot coach, instruct or supervise athletes.
  • The head coach must ensure the return of all athletic equipment at the conclusion of the season.
  • The athletic director with approval from the Board may suspend or dismiss any coach for good and sufficient reason. Conditions warranting dismissal generally include behavior contrary to the Sts. Joseph and John Booster Club constitution or athletic handbook.

Participation and Eligibility

All participants must be enrolled at Sts. Joseph and John school or attend P.S.R. classes regularly. A PSR student must attend classes for the entire year to participate in CYO sports. If a student drops out of classes after his/her sport is completed they will not be able to participate in any CYO sport from the time of dropping out of P.S.R. unless re-instated by the athletic director or the Booster Club Board. P.S.R. students may not play for their public school team and CYO in the same sport. Participation in an athletic program is limited to grades five through eight for most sports. The only exceptions are for fourth graders in cross country, track, and volleyball. Participation is limited to one (1) sport per season. An athlete may not participate in two (2) CYO sports during the same season. No player is permitted to move up a grade level without the approval of the Booster Club Board. Students trying out for one (1) CYO team may not quit and try out for another CYO team. If a student is cut from one (1) team he/she may tryout for another CYO sport.

Participation Fees

The Booster Club Board has the right, at any time, to raise and/or lower family participation fees and per sport fees, as they see fit. In order to raise or lower fees, the Board must produce a written budget, and it must be voted on by all Board members. All families whose children are participating in the Sts. Joseph and John Athletic Program must pay the following: a single family annual membership fee; and a per sport/per athlete fee. Coaches may require additional fees to be paid from the parents. These fees are to be submitted to the parents via a written letter.

Sign Ups

Sign ups will be held before each sport season and will be posted in both church bulletins and on the Booster Club website prior to sign ups. A sign up form can also be obtained from the Athletic Director, Sports Commissioner, or at the Sts. Joseph and John school office. No sign ups will be accepted after the cut off date with the following possible exceptions: permission from the Booster Club Board or in the case of a transfer into either parish. Once an athlete signs up for a CYO team, their first commitment is to that particular team. Recreation leagues, travel leagues or other activities interfering with a CYO team must be kept at a minimum. Students participating in a CYO sport and a travel league team in the same sport must given written notification that the CYO sport will come before any other sports program scheduling conflict.

Physical Forms

All physical forms are to be dated after May 31 of the upcoming fall season. All physical forms (preparticipation forms) must be turned into the head coach of each team. The head coach reviews the forms for completeness prior to turning them into the athletic director. If the form is not complete, the head coach highlights the missing item(s) and returns it to the parent for completion. Upon acceptance of the form, the head coach keeps a copy for practices and games. Physical forms are due from parents on the first day of practice. Athletes may not practice without a completed and turned in physical form. The completion of the physical form and all fees associated with it are the complete responsibility of the parent. Any athlete who has not submitted the completed forms (Booster Club Form and CYO Preparticipation Form) and fees will not be permitted to practice or play in any games. The signed preparticipation form protects the Booster Club and coaches from any liability, so it is imperative to have the completed forms prior to an athlete practicing or playing in any games.

Team Selection

Fifth and sixth grade teams will be split evenly. In seventh and eighth grade where there are (2) or more teams, those teams will be determined by skill level. CYO fosters the splitting of stronger/weaker teams and compensates by providing divisions for each level. The “A” team coach will have first choice from the player pool. Player evaluations are done by a committee consisting of the “A” team coaches, sports commissioners, and the athletic director.


Coaches or a parent should remain at practice until all players are picked up. For opposite gender coaches ( male coach coaching girls) a mother of one of the athletes must attend practice and remain until all athletes are picked up afterwards. Players should be instructed to arrive at practice no earlier than fifteen (15) minutes before the starting time. Practice time is limited to no more than two (2) hours per practice during the regular season. Practice times should start and end at the scheduled times. Coaches are to instruct players of appropriate behavior at practice. Under no circumstances should the players be left without adult supervision. Anytime a coach cancels practice, the time slot should be made available to other coaches on a first come, first serve basis. No player, parent, or coach shall wear scuffing shoes on the gym floor. Athletes should not wear their practice shoes to practice. They should bring their practice shoes with them and change before practice begins.

Parental Responsibilities

  • Understand and abide by the rules and philosophy of CYO, the Booster Club and the coaches.
  • Arrange transportation to and from all practices and events for their child.
  • Pick up children promptly after practice.
  • Accept responsibility for timely fee payment and completion of all registration and physical forms associated with the athletic program.
  • Consider a child’s commitment to team practices and games when planning and scheduling personal and family calendars.
  • Properly maintain and return issued uniforms and equipment at the end of the season.
  • Attend all parent meetings as requested by the coaches or athletic director.
  • Understand that the coach reserves the right to not play an athlete based on unexcused absences from team activities or poor attitude.
  • Understand that inappropriate conduct or disrespect toward, athletes, officials, site personnel, and others involved in CYO athletics will not be tolerated.
  • Please do not interfere with the coaches during practices or games.

Player Responsibilities

  • Understand and abide by the rules and philosophy of CYO, the Booster Club, and the coaches.
  • Show respect at all times for the people, property, and equipment involved in the athletic program.
  • Always exhibit dignity and respect in both winning and losing.
  • Attend all practices and events for the duration of the season unless otherwise excused by the coaches.

Order of Communcation

Should issues arise during the season, please follow the following order of communication:

  1. Athlete
  2. Parent
  3. Coach
  4. Sports Commissioner
  5. Board Representative
  6. Athletic Director
  7. Board


Any coach wishing to purchase new uniforms, equipment, practice areas, or any other additional items must first seek approval from the Booster Club prior to their purchase. Any purchases prior to obtaining the Board approval becomes the sole financial responsibility of the coach and may not be reimbursed by the Board.


The success of our athletic program is dependent upon the program fundraisers, coaches, parental support, and various volunteers. Your support and participation is vital to the continued success of our program. There are many opportunities to help out including coaching, administrative support, concession stand work, fundraising, facilities setup, etc. Please contact the athletic director if you are interested in supporting the program.

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