How Can You Help SJJ Get AC

We are still taking donations toward the air conditioning project. To date, we have received $75,650 for the project. Our goal is $300,000. Any gift you give is tax-deductible. Please contact SJJ Business Manager Virginia Dedrick at for more information on how you can help.

At Meet the Faculty Night, I mentioned that we were waiting to hear from Bishop Perez about Phase 1 of the air conditioning project. Today (Wednesday, August 21st), I would like to inform you that it has been approved and we will be working to start as soon as contracts are finalized. The work should begin this fall. 

I wanted to share a few more details about our phased plans as we move into this first phase. As we announced last year, our plans included the three-fold goal of renovating the courtyard, installing air conditioning and placing money into our school’s Endowment Fund. This phase is one component of these projects.

To move the project along as funds were available, we decided to split the building into three phases for the air conditioning: first, being the oldest section of the building housing our primary grades, then moving to the intermediate grades, and finally, ending with the high-ceiling middle school section. Depending on the support achieved from this year’s #WeGiveCatholic (December 3, 2019) and our 2020 Gala (February 22, 2020), we hope to complete the remaining phases and the courtyard on time for our stated goal of the start of the school year in Fall 2020. This is the first phase – the primary wing – that we have received approval for and will begin as soon as possible. Work will be done in a way to maximize our results, while minimizing any distractions to our students, faculty, and staff.

Considering our building, both the engineers and the Diocese of Cleveland Facility Services concurred that installing a split-system type unit will be the best for our facility. In this first phase, diffusers will be mounted from the ceiling in each classroom connected to an outside unit. Each of these units will be able to deliver both air conditioning and heat for classrooms and work in conjunction with the existing ventilation/heating units that are in the room.

Thank you for your support during this time and I am looking forward to the first phase starting soon. 

In service of youth,

Joseph M. Akosi 


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