Blizzard Bags

What are Blizzard Bags?

Pre-made lessons and activities that allow students to work from home in case of a school closing.  Each teacher has contributed 3 days of activities and lessons for their grade level.

Are Blizzard Bags Mandatory?

Yes.  Blizzard bags are required in order to avoid extending the school year further into the summer in the event of many school closings due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances like a water main break.  In order for SJJ to include a "day off" as a "school day," students are required to complete their Blizzard Bags.  The work will be graded and added to your child's overall grade.

When Should I Print my Child's Blizzard Bag?

Please print them as soon as possible and keep them in a folder.  In the case of inclement weather, power may be out and you may be unable to print.  By printing in advance, your child will have three days of work ready to go.  

Blizzard Bags

Please select your child's grade and download all of your child's Blizzard Bags.  Please make sure you download physical education, grade level bags, art bags, music bags, computer science bags, and any specials or enrichment bags.

 Kindergarten    Grade 1    Grade 2     Grade 3     Grade 4     Grade 5     Grade 6     Grade 7    Grade 8      

Art: Kindergarten     Grade 1     Grade 2     Grade 3     Grade 4     Grade 5     Grade 6      Grade 7      Grade 8

Music: Kindergarten     Grade 1     Grade 2     Grade 3     Grade 4     Grade 5     Grade 6      Grade 7     Grade 8

Computer Science: Grade 1     Grade 2     Grade 3     Grade 4     Grade 5     Grade 6     Grade 7     Grade 8    

Physical Education:  Physical Education

Small Group Reading: Grade 3    Grade 4    Grade 5   Grade 6    Grade 7    Grade 8

Small Group Math: Grade 3     Grade 4     Grade 5     Grade 6     Grade 7      Grade 8

Small Group English: Grade 7    Grade 8

Enrichment Reading:  Grade 4    Grade 5    Grade 6

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