Students attending Sts. Joseph and John School are transported by bus by the Strongsville, Brunswick, Buckeye Local and Berea City School Districts.  Our students only ride on buses with other SJJ students.  Once enrollment at SJJ is complete, a postcard from the Transportation Department is sent to our students with the bus pick-up and drop-off locations and times, as well as your child’s bus number.  If you do not get this information, please call the Transportation Department phone number listed below for more information or to arrange for bus transportation for your student.

Transportation Information
School District Cities Transportation Department Phone Number
Strongsville City School District Strongsville (440) 572-7060
Brunswick School District Brunswick (330) 273-0227
Buckeye Local School District Medina (330) 722-8257 x1019
Berea City School District Berea, Middleburg Heights, Brook Park

(216) 898-8301 x5783


If your school district or city is not listed above, you may still be able to arrange for bus transportation.  In general, school districts within a 30-minute drive of Sts. Joseph and John School are required by State law to provide bus transportation for students, but this is subject to certain qualifications and evaluations. Some districts may provide mileage reimbursement instead.  For a list of all Ohio School Districts and their websites, click HERE.

Bus Conduct

Parents are encouraged to speak to their children regarding good conduct on the bus.  In the event of misbehavior, students will receive a Bus Report from the bus driver to be signed by both the administration and parents.  Three or more bus reports during the course of the school year will result in consequences and/or loss of bus transportation.  Serious or repeated misbehavior may result in permanent bus removal.

Bus Changes

From the Strongsville Transportation Department:

“Any bus change must be pre-approved in writing by the Strongsville Transportation Department.  Forms are available at the Transportation Department Office.  Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are not permitted to ride a different bus.”  Students in grades K-6 going to a babysitter after school must have a signed baby-sitter form on file in the school office.  Strongsville resident parents making changes in their student’s bus transportation must go directly through Strongsville Transportation (440) 572-7060, and send a note to the school office with the changes.

Car Pick-Up

It is recommended that all students take advantage of school bus transportation.  When it is necessary to pick up a student during the school day or after school, please make sure that the student is informed in the morning and that a note is sent into the school. 

Pick-Up During School

For pick up during school, parents must write and sign a note to the teacher indicating when the student will be picked up and for what reason.  This note then will be sent to the office to be approved, and the child will be sent to the office at the requested time. 

In order to facilitate the quick and safe dropping off of students in the morning and picking up of students in the afternoon, please adhere to the following guidelines in the car rider line: 

Cars should arrive at the school no earlier than 7:15am for drop off and no earlier than 1:45pm for pickup. 

In both instances, cars will enter the southern-most drive near the Pat Catan building. 

Drive in a single-file line to Door D through the back gate by Catan’s, around the back of the parking lot past the gym, and alongside the second grade unit on the old Burger King side of the building.  The first driver in line should pull all the way up to the “STOP” sign painted on the pavement just past the dumpsters/recycling bin.

A single-file line should be maintained at all times.  Only after the “STOP” sign painted on the pavement by Door D should cars split off for the left-hand or right-hand turns on to Pearl Road.

Drivers should stay in the car while staff helps the smallest riders get into or out of the car.  

Students should be prepared to hop in or out as soon as their car pulls up so as not to hold up the line in the morning or in the afternoon.

If a student forgot to have a note written or anything else that would hold up the line in the morning, the driver should park next to the office, write the note, and walk the student in through the front doors.

If a student needs help buckling up at the end of the day, the driver can help the student after first pulling in to the very front parking lot which is parallel to Pearl Road on the right beyond the school building.    

For Morning Drop Off:  

The car first in line should pull all the way up to the painted “STOP” sign on the pavement so that as many children as possible can be dropped off at one time.

Unless instructed otherwise, students should only get out of the car once the car has passed and stopped beyond the second grade unit.

Please have any rear car seats arranged so that students can easily get out of the car on the school side of the building – there is to be no crossing in front of or behind any cars in the line.  

For Afternoon Pick Up:

The southern-most driveway by Pat Catan’s will be two lanes in at the end of the day, and drivers should stay in the left-most lane allowing the buses to stay in the right-most lane which is marked for buses.  Do not get in the way of the buses which have to get to into the parking lot. 

Place a card with your family name on the passenger dashboard. As you pull up, your name will be called in to the cafeteria where the children are waiting.  If you have a kindergartner, please put a “K” under your family name as the kindergartners line up separately outside so that they don’t get “lost” in the cafeteria.  In order to dismiss the children quickly, please remind your student to be quiet and attentive in the cafeteria so that names can be heard when they are called by the teacher inside.

As groups of cars depart, please pull all the way up to the painted “STOP” sign on the pavement so that as many children as possible can be loaded at one time; do not just stop if you see your child coming out of the building, even if it’s raining.

Sometimes teachers may be leaving the school at the same time that the children are getting in to cars.  The teachers use the lane closer to the old Burger King.  Therefore, please have any rear car seats arranged so that students can easily get in on the school side – there is to be no crossing in front of or behind any cars in the line.


For safety reasons, students are not permitted to ride bicycles to or from school.