Sts. Joseph and John School lives the values and teachings our Catholic faith, serves as Jesus served and encourages lifelong learning.

Sts. Joseph and John School is founded upon the three fundamental principles of our educational mission: Values, Academic Excellence, and Service.  It fosters in the minds of our students a devotion to character, a passion for learning, and commitment to public service. 

  • Values- nurture the development of character through lessons in ethics, morals, and Catholic values.
  • Academic Excellence- dedicated to excellence in education and developing a love of learning. 
  • Service- cultivates the value of giving back to the community and helping others.

School Beliefs

We, the faculty and staff of Sts. Joseph and John School, recognize the dignity of the individual.  To that end, as a school community we endeavor to live and work by the following:

Child Development

  • we believe the purpose of a Catholic education is to educate the whole child physically, academically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually according to the Gospel message
  • we are committed to helping children become confident, self-directed and life-long learners
  • we are committed to challenging children, within a respectful learning environment, to reach their God-given potential

Curriculum & Instruction

  • we believe that the school curriculum should be Christ-centered and act as a guide in the education of the whole student

  • we believe that our instruction should be organized and varied to meet the unique needs of all our students and should provide opportunities for every student to achieve success
  • we are committed to using ongoing and varied assessment to guide instruction
  • we believe that self-evaluation allows for continuous improvement in all areas

Community Building

  • we believe that the leadership for continuous improvement is the responsibility of the school administration in collaboration with the clergy, faculty, staff, students and parents

  • we are committed to encouraging an atmosphere of acceptance, cultural persity and unity

Faith Service

  • we believe that the primary responsibility for faith formation lies within the family with the support of the school and parish communities
  • we are committed to providing opportunities for students to experience their faith through active involvement in our celebrations of Mass and prayer services, sacramental education, and service activities
  • we believe that service should be practiced throughout the school year by all grade levels as a response to Christ’s call to serve
  • we believe that students will give witness to Jesus through their words and actions by learning the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic faith