Benefits of CYO


We are proud of our excellent CYO Boosters athletic program. The goal of the CYO Boosters is to promote a positive athletic educational experience for the student athlete.  Our goal is to nurture spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth while encouraging individual and team skill development.  Sportsmanship and Fair Play are cornerstones of our program.  We work to develop our athletes’ character and to emphasize the importance of integrity, respect, humility, and accountability.

Spiritual Growth

CYO Athletics fosters the spiritual growth of youth by: 1) Providing athletic programs that promote Christian values; 2) Providing an avenue to be part of a team that builds a sense of community that nurtures and stresses positive social interaction; 3) Providing an opportunity to play in an atmosphere where not only skill development, but "sportsmanship and participation is the name of the game.”

Community Building

We believe in creating a positive community for our sports teams.  We work to build that community by having team masses, pep rallies where all players are recognized, a season kick-off social, family-centered tailgates, and beginning and concluding all games with everyone joining in prayer.

Sportsmanship & Character Development

To create a positive tone for all CYO athletics, each game must begin with a pre and post game prayer.  CYO sports do the prayers to foster fellowship, respect, sportsmanship, and dignity of the players, coaches, parents, and officials.

Pre-Game Prayer

Lord God, thank you for bringing us together in your name. We know you are with us now, as you promised. Please help the players, coaches and officials to play and be fair.  Keep us all safe from injury.  Thank you for giving us the chance to teach our faith to others by our actions. Amen.

Post-Game Prayer

Lord, we thank you for the opportunity and challenge of this game. You call us to compete well, finish the race and grow in our faith! Help us to remember we can do all things through You, who gives us strength. Amen.

Awards & Recognition

Our sports programs are routinely recognized with honors and awards.  As a sampling of our awards, we have taken 1st place in Basketball Tournaments, won Football Championship Bowls, 1st place in Soccer and Volleyball tournaments, 1st place in Cheerleading competitions, and won numerous track and cross country awards. 

Athletics Offered

Our SJJ CYO Athletic program offers our students the following sports:

  • Fall:  Cheerleading, Flag Football, Football, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country
  • Winter:   Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheerleading
  • Spring:   Track and Field

CYO Programs - Diocese of Cleveland

The Diocese of Cleveland CYO athletic program provides programming for: Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga Counties, Summit, Ashland, Medina, and Wayne Counties. Our program area is divided into the following areas of service: Central (the city of Cleveland), East (Lake, Geauga and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties), West (Lorain and Western Cuyahoga Counties), Summit North and South, and Ashland Medina Wayne Counties.

CYO Athletic programs offer boys and girls in Catholic parishes, schools or institutions the following sports:

  • Fall: Cheerleading, Football, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country
  • Winter: Grade school Boys and Girls Basketball, High School Basketball, Cheerleading
  • Spring: Baseball, Fast pitch Softball, Boys Volleyball, Track and Field, and Girls High School Volleyball

Youth in grades 4 - 8 are eligible to participate through their home parishes. Youth in grades 9 - 12 are eligible to participate in our high school basketball programs. (See CYO Player Eligibility Rules)