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Who is the PTU?

YOU are the PTU! Every parent and teacher at Sts. Joseph and John School is part of the Parent-Teacher Union "PTU," you just need to get involved! We work together to provide service to our faith-filled school community while strengthening relationships between school families, students, and teachers through social and fundraising events.


I.  Download PTU Volunteer Letter & Form

II.  PTU Mission

III.  PTU Accomplishments

IV.  Why get involved in the PTU?

1. You Can Make Your Children's Education Better

The Sts. Joseph and John School PTU enables parents to have a direct impact on our children's education. The PTU provides funding for many things to enrich and enhance our children's learning. The PTU, for example, sponsors learning programs at the school, sponsors field trips, purchases technology for our children's classrooms, and purchases classroom supplies. Through the PTU you can provide more learning opportunities for your children and make their academic experience better. Come have a voice, be heard, and make a difference!

2. Make Friends and Connections

Being active in the PTU is a great way to meet people, make friends, and make connections. You can make friends by coming to the meetings, attending events, or volunteering. The PTU helps school families make friends and connections by hosting family and social events, like the Ice Cream Social. Make friends through the PTU!

3. Get to Know the Teachers, Administration, and Staff & Develop Partnerships

The PTU enables you to have more contact with and to get to know the Administration, Staff and Teachers. The PTU also provides a direct way to support and appreciate the teachers. Not only does the PTU provide funding for teachers for learning programs, classroom technology, school supplies, and teacher continuing education, the PTU hosts a number of teacher support and appreciation events during the year. Get involved in the PTU and add your voice to teacher support and appreciation!

4. Find Answers and Information

The PTU is a great information resource. Do you have questions about the school, when to sign up for events, etc.? The PTU keeps you up-to-date with what's going on at Sts. Joseph and John School! The PTU also provides you access to great resources on a variety of topics that parents are concerned about. The PTU hosts educational speakers for parents on topics like bullying and childhood obesity. Be better informed.  Get involved in the PTU!

5. Have a Direct Impact on School Spirit and School Pride

Schools with a strong PTU have a better reputation in the community and have a positive attitude, school spirit, and school pride. The PTU works to encourage these things throughout the year by hosting variety of school events and programs like Student Appreciation Day. Encourage school spirit and pride through the PTU!

6. Be Heard and Be Part of the Solution through the PTU

Through the PTU you can be effective in making our school better. You can share your ideas and make things happen. You can improve Sts. Joseph and John School and see results. Through the PTU, you can be part of the solution!