The Viking Café

Packed & Hot Lunches

Students may bring packed lunches from home or purchase a hot lunch and milk from the school cafeteria.  "Fast food" lunches may not be delivered to the students.  Pop is never permitted to be brought to school for lunch.  Milk is available to be purchased.  The Vikings Cafe offers regular milk, chocolate milk, and strawberry milk options.    

Hot Lunches

Students are given a monthly "Viking Café" menu.  The menu is also on the SJJ website. The Viking Café offers three lunch choices daily.  A main meal option, an alternate meal option, and a third choice PB&J sandwich are offered daily. Hot meals include a main dish (e.g. spaghetti), a vegetable (or other side), fruit, and milk. Additional snacks are also offered for an additional cost of .50-$1.00.  Nachos or soft pretzels are usually available on Fridays for an additional $1.00.   Student lunch ID cards may not be used to purchase snack bar items.There are few days during the school year that hot lunches will not be available.  Please check your school calendar or Vikings Cafe calendar to determine those days.  All children are required to bring a packed lunch to school those days. 

Students must sign up for the appropriate lunch entree during homeroom everyday to receive their ID card in order for the cafeteria staff to obtain an accurate count to serve the students better.

Purchasing Lunch & Milk

Parents are encouraged to keep a running balance in their child (children's)

In order to take advantage of this convenient service, you will need to create a parent account. This requires you to:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click “Create Account” on the top menu bar
  3. Fill in the required information on the “Parent Account Sign-Up page” 
  4. Choose Sts. Joseph and John School from the “School District” drop down menu
  5. Create a User ID and Password
  6. Click the “Accept” box, and then click “Signup.” An email will be sent to your email address that will contain a “verification code” 

After you receive the “verification code” you may begin to add your children’s information. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Go to and login using your previously created user ID and password
  2. Enter the “verification code” to verify your account and email address
  3. Begin adding your children’s information according to the guidelines provided. You will need each of your children’s student ID numbers to add each student
  4. After the students are added you will be able to view the lunch account activity and make payments to the student lunch account
  5. There will be a $2.00 convenience fee for all ACH payments
  6. If you have 2 or more students assigned to your account, you may make an ACH  payment to each account and only be charged for one transaction. Example; 3 students, $10.00 payment to each student, total charge would be $32.00
  7. If you make a credit card payment,  there will be a 4.75% convenience fee on the payment
  8. You may also send a cash or check payment to the Business Office through school. This payment must be clearly marked for the lunch program including which student account should be credited. These payments will be processed by the Business Office each day with no additional fee for processing.

Note: A parent account can be linked to many children, but a child can only be linked to one parent.

Note: If there is no student designation on the payments sent through school, the payment will be divided equally among all students in the family.

Free/Reduced Hot Lunches  

We take part in the National School Lunch Program and some families may qualify for free or reduced lunches.  A Form is sent home in the beginning of the year to determine if families qualify for this program.

Lunch & Milk Ticket Cost

Lunch costs $2.75 (includes milk) and milk only costs $.50 each.  

Forgotten Lunches

If a child has forgotten to bring his or her packed lunch, they will be able to receive a hot lunch that day and the cost will be deducted from the balance on their Identification Card Account.

What types of side dishes are offered with the main entree?

Side dishes may include fruit or vegetables.  The fruit choice may also include 100% fruit juice.  To keep our lunches healthier, french fries or potatoes are baked and never fried.  Two popular vegetable choices are cooked corn and carrots, however, other vegetables are also offered.  

What types of ingredients go into the different entrees?

The Viking Cafe strives to make the hot lunches healthy.  Our hot dogs, for example, are 100% turkey.  Moreover, many of our items contain 100% whole grain.  We, for example, serve whole grain pasta on our pasta days.  

What varieties of milk are offered?

As part of our healthy lunches, all of our milk choices are fat free.  We offer fat free white milk, chocolate milk, and strawberry milk.  

How much time are students given to eat their lunches?

Students in grades 1-8 are given 15 minutes to eat their lunches.  Following lunch, the students are given 15 minutes of recess.  Kindergarten students receive 20 minutes to eat lunch and 20 minutes for lunch recess.



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