Student Honors & Awards

SJJ recognizes its students in many ways.  We recognize and reward our students for living Christian values, for demonstrating good behavior, for good scholastic work on individual assignments, and for overall scholastic achievement.

Witness Program

SJJ's "Witness Program" is a program in which students are recognized for living Christian values.  Children are recognized in the "Witness Program" when they are "caught," for example, being kind, helpful, caring, sharing, giving, respectful, generous, honest, and forgiving.  Students who are "caught" living the values of Jesus are nominated for our "Witness Wall."  The students chosen for the "Witness Wall" receive a certificate and are recognized by having their picture displayed for one month on the "Witness Wall."

Principal’s Corner

Principal’s Corner is program to recognize and encourage academic achievement on individual assignments or projects.  Each week one student per class is chosen to be in the Principal’s Corner.  The students are recommended by their teachers for Principal’s Corner.  A list is kept of the students that have been chosen for Principal’s Corner to make sure that every student is given a chance to be in the Principal’s Corner.  The students honored in Principal’s Corner are given a golden “Good Times” ticket to redeem for a free ice cream or other treat at the snack bar as well as can choose a small toy.  The student’s good work is also displayed in the school lobby.

Viking Café Award

The Viking Café Award is a program to recognize and encourage positive behavior.  This award recognizes students for being good listeners or being good about following instructions, for example.  The students are recommended by their teachers for this honor and, like the Principal’s Corner, a list is kept of the students who have been honored for good behavior to ensure that all students get a chance to be recognized in the Viking Café.  Students that are chosen for the Viking Café Award get a free pizza lunch with Principal Mrs. Thomas and Assistant Principal Mrs. Wolf.  The students also get their photo taken.  The photo is put in a frame and displayed next to McGraw Hall. 

Teacher Awards/Honors 

Individual teachers give awards and honors to their students for behavior, good work, and scholastic achievement.  

Honor Roll

SJJ has an Honor Roll for grades 7-8 to recognize academic achievement.  The following constitutes the criteria necessary to place a student on honor roll:

First Honors - All A's
Second Honors - A's and no more than 2 B's
Third Honors - A's and B's, no C's or lower

Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer, Physical Education, and Spanish are included to calculate the honor roll.  All effort and conduct evaluations must be at least an "S".  Honor roll is announced by the Principal quarterly on the morning announcements.

Principal's Birthday Program

To recognize that each student is special at SJJ, each student gets a special small gift from the Principal on his or her birthday.  Mr. Akosi gives each student a "Happy Birthday from the Principal" pencil on their birthday as a special way to recognize the student.

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