LRPC Recommendations

Welcome back to a new school year! We are excited to see many of the changes that the building has undergone over the summer, not only physically, but also programmatically. We are grateful for the input that you have provided in formulating our May 2016 recommendations and are happy to see these coming into play. While many have been undertaken, a large part of our future plans remain in process. As school was coming to an end last year, we received several renditions of possible renovations to our school building. These renditions incorporate what we heard as important: increased safety, a renovated courtyard, and newly-renovated air-conditioned classrooms. As the ultimate authority in regards to Diocesan facilities, the Bishop has the final say on such large improvements in such facilities. We began conversations with the Diocese of Cleveland Facilities Services, along with the Catholic Community Foundation, as to our desired improvements. With their consultation, we will now looking to how we can move forward balancing both the desires of our school community along with the needs of our parishes, particularly upcoming needs at St. John Neumann. We are hoping that we might undertake a formal feasibility study to discover exactly the support and interest that exists for these items at the school and from our stakeholders, not only with our parents, but our alumni, and wider Strongsville community. We will continue to keep you informed of developments and are grateful for your continued interest as we try to not only undertake such a major initiative in our school, but also to undertake it in the most complete fashion. For more information, you may contact our Long-Range Planning Committee chairman, John Burdorff at 440.567.7076 or using email at

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